Delivering the best Database for Business, Healthcare, Technology Users

Seamless Ventures specializes in global database resources for the international direct marketing community. Our company is primarily international data compile and research services. We are a service company that provides customized databases needed by business entities in promoting their products and services in their target international, regional, and national markets.

Seamlessventures delivers opt-in and verified Business Email Lists, Business Professionals Email Lists, Technology Users Email Lists and Country Specific Email Lists. We have access to over 300 million records globally with greater selectivity than any other firm that will help you get excellent results in your direct marketing efforts by providing the best quality custom marketing lists available. We provide global consumer lists and business lists for mailing, telemarketing, faxing and e-mailing, complete with demographic and spending preferences information.

Segmented Database for marketing

Seamless Ventures provides the highly segmented email lists and the customer focused database to the clients that enable them to launch the targeted campaigns that yield excellent results. Segmenting the database is the most effective way to divide the consumer base into the smaller and highly targeted group of the individuals. It will make the database more specific and targeted. By narrowing the focus and sending the target messages to the selected customer groups there will have an extremely positive impact on the firm’s business.The firm offers the highly segmented database to the range of clients across various industries. The email marketing programs serve as one of the largest source of the traffic to the client’s website too and it can result in higher client conversion ratio.

Segmenting the data and sending the targeted messages significantly improve the performance of the firm’s marketing efforts and imparting the clients with the higher confidence for the expansion of their strategies and gradually adding more number of segments. Our extensive database and analytical products have made us extremely popular among the clients. We enable the client companies to successfully add the new customers and develop long term relationship with the existing one.

With the utilization of our segmented database, clients can plan the targeted marketing activities. They can fully identify the targeted group of the prospects with similar characteristic or behaviors and launch the focused marketing programs. Planning and implementing the marketing strategies with the complete understanding of the consumer segments will help you to target every consumer group in the most appropriate manner.